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RH-60: New Styrene Acrylic copolymer for paper board top coat. Know More

Welcome to Rukhmini

We are the one of the leading manufacturer of polymeric dispersion in central india, which includes Speciality Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic and Vinyl Acetate based dispersions. At rukhmini we are devoted to research and development. By using latest innovative technologies.

The Company is continually building its values since inception. Quality, Technology and Adaptability have been the foremost values adopted by the company. The concern for quality is nurtured at every level, list of our satisfied customers today testify to our quality standards and commitment.

We have well equipped Research & development lab as well as a qualified workforce. These capabilities enable it to make quality consistent products. In today’s innovation savvy world the company has made its products quality consistent & economical for its customers. which gives us a greater scope for future growth.